Injury Prevention/Pain Management

Studies show that the best approach to deal with any injury patterns is a proactive injury prevention strategy that focuses on correcting compensations, joint dysfunctions, neuromuscular deficits, and faulty movement patterns. The goal in mind is to correct muscle imbalances, recondition injured anatomical areas, prepare non-contractile tissue for the imposed demands of life and enjoyable activities, prevent tissue overload through progressive adaptation, and improve work capacity and stabilization strength.

Endurength Integrates preventive exercise solutions that address your specific needs. This method establishes higher levels of neuromuscular control and functional strength leading to better work productivity, confidence in sporting activity, and enjoyment of leisure activities. Our Workouts

The ankle is the most commonly injured joint in both sports and daily life, and after a lateral ankle sprain the risk of developing chronic ankle instability increases.
An estimated 80,000 to 150,000 anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries happen per year in the U.S., and of these 70% to 75% are noncontact.
Low back pain affects nearly 80% of all adults, and is on of the major forms of musculoskeletal degeneration. More than a third of all work related injuries involve the trunk, and of these 60% involve the low back, costs attributed to low back pain are greater than $26 billion.
Shoulder impingement accounts for 40 to 65% of reported shoulder pain. When shoulder pain persists for at least a year its an estimated annual cost of $39 billion.
In addition to any of the above injuries and the altered movement patterns they cause, Endurength considers any occupation Postural Considerations and lifestyle based posture adjustments that may lead to a predictable pattern of injury.

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