Assessment & Plan


Endurength assessments and the program profiles generated are based upon sports science research and are a safe effective approach. It is the first step in the process of helping you to successful obtainment of your goal.

The assessment consists of a breakdown of information provided by you, it is the basis for making educated decisions about exercise selection and is a systematic problem solving method. The information is used to modify and progress an individual through an integrated wellness program. The assessment is not designed to diagnose any condition but rather to gain insight of each individual’s structural and functional status.

Information on health history, any chronic diseases, and past injuries & surgeries ensure proper program strategy for optimization and efficiency of the human movement system without predisposing you to injury.

In-person observation includes structure and static posture analysis, dynamic posture and gait analysis, and observation of several movements/exercises. Movement occurs in a multi-dimensional, multi-planar environment demanding different levels of multi-segmental eccentric force reduction, isometric stabilization and concentric force production. The information collected is used to create a specific program based on an individual’s needs, goals, activities, and health history.

Our programs can only be as successful as the assessment.

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